Two movies starring Sylvester Stallone are filmed in Cincinnati this year.

‘The Epiphany’ and ‘Alarum’ were granted multi-million-dollar tax credits from Ohio. According to tax credit applications from the Ohio Department of Development, production for “The Epiphany” will be in the Buckeye State between March 18 and May 8.

“The Epiphany” is set in Philadelphia and stars Stallone as a soon-to-retire detective charged with tracking down a serial killer. Deadline states that Eubank will direct the project, which is based on an original screenplay by Katie Lovejoy and Russell Sommers.

After wrapping up in Ohio, the film is expected to begin filming in Philadelphia this summer, according to Deadline.

“Alarum,” a spy thriller and another Stallone-helmed picture, will be directed by Michael Polish. According to its application for a tax credit in Ohio, production was expected to be finished by Feb. The 23rd.

In an email to staff, Oxford assistant city manager Jessica Greene stated that “Alum” continued filming in the city earlier this week. She said that the campaign had proved effective at drawing attention to Oxford’s historic assets. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, Oxford’s City Council will hold its regular weekly meetings. Officials stated that filming is planned, and that officials are aware of the possibility of explosives being used in the stunts.

Oxford’s Journal-News released photographs of the film being made in the university on Tuesday.

Scott Eastwood, who starred in “Ararat,” according to the Internal Revenue Service’s tax credit application, also stars in “Alaarum.”

Both films’ tax credit applications list Cincinnati as the filming location, but do not provide further information on which specific areas will be filmed. Greene told 91.7 (WVXU-FM) that some filming for “Alarum” took place at Hueston State Park, and more could occur in local businesses around the region.

“Alarum” and “The Epiphany” are being produced by Joel Cohen and Randall Emmett, according to tax credit applications.


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