Whenever I wander through the bustling aisles of Findlay Market in Cincinnati, it’s like stepping into a treasure trove of culinary delights and artisan goods. It’s the oldest continuously operated public market in Ohio, and trust me, it’s a haven for foodies and anyone looking to capture the essence of Cincinnati’s vibrant culture.

From fresh, locally-sourced produce to exotic spices, and handcrafted jewelry to unique home decor, there’s an endless array of items to discover. Each visit feels like a new adventure, with the market’s diverse vendors offering something for everyone’s taste and style. Let me guide you through some of my top picks and hidden gems that you simply can’t leave without.

Unique Home Decor

Strolling through the bustling aisles of Findlay Market, it’s not just the sizzling scent of barbecued meats or the vibrant hues of fresh produce that catch my eye. Amidst the food-centric stalls, there’s a treasure trove of unique home decor that often gets overshadowed. I’ve spent countless weekends perusing these hidden gems, and I’m always amazed at the distinctive pieces I find, each with its own story.

One of my first stops is always a quaint booth near the center, where handcrafted wooden signs beckon with their rustic charm. The artisan’s skill is evident in every piece, with inspirational quotes and personalized options available. It’s not just the craftsmanship that impresses me; it’s the warmth these pieces bring to any space. Whether you’re looking for something to spruce up your kitchen or a personalized gift for a friend, you’ll find something that speaks to you.

Another must-visit spot is a small stall tucked away in a quieter corner, specializing in hand-blown glass decor. The array of colors and patterns available is simply mesmerizing. From elegant vases to whimsical ornaments, each item is a work of art, reflecting the passion and creativity of the local artists. These glass pieces are not just decor; they’re conversation starters, adding a touch of sophistication and beauty to any room.

For those who appreciate the finer details, there’s also a vendor that sells exquisite handmade ceramics. The selection ranges from functional kitchenware to decorative pieces, each with unique glazes and textures. I’ve personally fallen in love with a set of mugs that have become my morning coffee companions. It’s delightful to start the day with something so special, knowing there’s no other mug quite like it in the world.

  • Handcrafted wooden signs with personalized options
  • Hand-blown glass decor in an array of colors and patterns
  • Unique handmade ceramics, perfect for gifts or personal use

These are just a few examples of the unique home decor offerings at Findlay Market. The true beauty of shopping here is the opportunity to connect with the artisans, learn about their processes, and bring home items that carry stories and memories. So next time you’re at the market, venture beyond the food stalls and explore the world of home decor. You might just find the perfect piece to add that special touch to your home.

Fresh Locally-Sourced Produce

As I meandered further through Findlay Market, the allure of fresh, locally-sourced produce caught my attention. There’s something genuinely grounding about knowing where your food comes from, and Findlay Market is a treasure trove for those of us who cherish the farm-to-table concept.

The produce stalls are a vibrant tableau of colors and textures, overflowing with fruits and vegetables that look like they’ve been plucked from the garden mere hours ago. And in many cases, they have been. The vendors, often the growers themselves, are always eager to share stories of their farms and the journey their produce took to the market. It’s this personal touch that adds an extra layer of connection to the food on our plates.

Here’s what stands out:

  • Seasonal Selections: Unlike grocery stores, the offerings here change with the seasons. This means strawberries that actually taste like strawberries in the summer, and crisp apples that perfectly embody fall.
  • Organic Options: Many vendors specialize in organic produce, providing a healthy option free from pesticides. This is not only better for our bodies but for the environment as well.

I’ve found that shopping for produce at Findlay Market not only enriches the cooking experience but also inspires me to try new recipes based on what’s available. Here’s a quick look at what I typically find:

Season Produce
Spring Asparagus, strawberries
Summer Tomatoes, peaches, berries
Fall Apples, pumpkins, squash
Winter Root vegetables, kale

Incorporating these seasonal items into my cooking has not only broadened my culinary horizons but has also allowed me to support local agriculture. It feels good knowing that each purchase contributes to the livelihood of nearby farmers and keeps the local economy thriving.

Beyond fruits and vegetables, I’ve encountered an array of other farm-sourced items such as fresh herbs, flowers, and even locally-produced honey, each with their own unique backstory. So, the next time you’re at Findlay Market, remember there’s more than just the eye-catching handcrafted items and delicious meals. Take a moment to explore the produce stalls; you’re sure to find something that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also connects you deeper with the Cincinnati community.

Exotic Spices and Seasonings

Walking through Findlay Market, I’m always struck by the intoxicating scents wafting from the exotic spices and seasonings stalls. It’s like traveling the world through aromas—each stall offers a unique glimpse into the cuisine of different cultures. I can’t help but feel drawn to explore these aromatic treasures, each promising to elevate my cooking with just a pinch or a scoop.

One of the first things I notice is the sheer variety. From the smoky richness of Spanish paprika to the vibrant color and flavor of Indian turmeric, the array is staggering. I’ve discovered spices here that I’d never encounter at a typical grocery store, such as sumac, a tangy Middle Eastern spice, and grains of paradise, a West African spice that adds a peppery zest to dishes.

I usually strike up conversations with the vendors, many of whom are incredibly knowledgeable about the products they sell. They share recipes, usage tips, and sometimes, the cultural significance of the spices. It’s fascinating to learn, for example, that saffron, priced like gold among spices, is not just sought after for its flavor and color but is also woven into the history and traditions of many countries.

To help you get started on your own spice adventure, here’s a breakdown of some must-try spices and their primary uses:

Spice Origin Uses
Sumac Middle East Adds a tart, lemony flavor to salads, grilled meats, and hummus
Grains of Paradise West Africa A peppery substitute for black pepper in soups, stews, and grilling
Gochugaru Korea Essential for Korean dishes like kimchi and bulgogi; provides a sweet heat
Asafoetida India A staple in Indian cuisine, especially in dishes where onion and garlic are avoided

Experimenting with these spices not only adds a burst of flavor to my meals but also makes dinnertime an educational and sensory experience. It’s a gateway to discovering new cuisines and, in a small way, the cultures they come from. I always leave the market inspired, my bags a little heavier with spices, my mind buzzing with ideas for my next culinary adventure.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Walking through the vibrant Findlay Market, I’m always struck by the sheer variety of items on offer. But there’s something truly special about stumbling upon the handcrafted jewelry stalls. These stands, tucked between the bustling produce and aromatic baked goods, are a treasure trove for anyone looking to add a unique touch to their style.

The jewelry featured here isn’t your run-of-the-mill, mass-produced fare. Every piece tells a story, crafted with care by local artisans who infuse each creation with a bit of their own spirit. The diversity in designs is breathtaking—from intricate beadwork that speaks of age-old traditions to sleek, modern pieces that would fit right into a contemporary art gallery. It’s not just about the aesthetics; it’s the connection to the community and the individual’s creative journey that shines through.

One highlight of shopping for handcrafted jewelry at Findlay Market is the personal interaction with the artisans themselves. They’re not just sellers; they’re creators who are more than happy to share the inspiration behind their pieces or the techniques used in their craft. This personal touch adds an intangible value that’s impossible to find in a typical retail environment.

Materials play a big role in the allure of these pieces. Artisans here utilize everything from recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones to local wood and fabric, ensuring that their creations are as sustainable as they are beautiful. I’ve come across stunning necklaces made from Ohio river stones, earrings carved from native woods, and bracelets adorned with vintage buttons. Each piece is a testament to the resourcefulness and creativity of its maker.

For those keen on supporting local economies and fostering sustainable practices, purchasing handcrafted jewelry at Findlay Market is a win-win. It’s not just about buying a piece of jewelry; it’s about investing in the community and carrying a piece of Cincinnati’s vibrant culture with you.

The beauty of these handcrafted jewels extends beyond their visual appeal. They are conversation starters, pieces of art, and connections to a larger story. Whether you’re a long-time collector or someone who’s just looking to add a bit of local flare to your ensemble, the handcrafted jewelry at Findlay Market is not to be missed. It’s a reminder of the incredible talent nestled in every corner of Cincinnati and a celebration of the human touch in a world that’s increasingly automated and impersonal.


Strolling through Findlay Market and discovering the handcrafted jewelry stalls is an adventure in itself. The stories behind each piece, the passion of the artisans, and the unique designs they offer have truly captivated me. It’s not just about adding another item to my collection. It’s about carrying a piece of Cincinnati’s heart and soul with me wherever I go. Supporting these talented local artisans not only enriches my personal style but also contributes to a sustainable and vibrant community. I can’t wait to see what treasures I’ll find on my next visit.


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