HAMILTON, Ohio – In response to a stark warning from FBI Director Christopher Wray, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is implementing significant changes in how his deputies are armed and trained. The announcement comes after Sheriff Jones attended the National Sheriff’s Association’s annual winter conference in Washington D.C., where he was briefed on the current security landscape.

Sheriff Jones expressed his concern, stating,

“It’s gonna happen here. It’s going to be all hands on deck. We want you to be concerned now. You are a fool if you don’t listen to the chatter.”

He highlighted that the FBI Director pointed out terror threats against the U.S. are at an unprecedented level, surpassing even the weeks leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks. Additionally, Wray warned of potential cyberattacks by Chinese hackers on critical U.S. infrastructure.

In response to these threats, Sheriff Jones has ordered immediate action. “I was told today China tries to hack our computer system five times a day. Three times a day from Iran and Russia. It’s constant,” he said. As a result, every cruiser will now be equipped with AR-15 rifles, additional ammunition, and clips. The sheriff’s office is also revising its training procedures for staff and civilians.

A significant expansion is underway for the Hazmat team, currently consisting of 10 members, and the Citizens On Patrol program. Furthermore, the public is invited to participate in a training session titled “When Disaster Strikes: Prepare, Act, Survive,” scheduled for May 17-18. This class aims to prepare community members to respond effectively to natural disasters and attacks.

Sheriff Jones emphasized the importance of community preparedness, especially in scenarios where communication might be disrupted.

“What will people do if their cell phones don’t work? People will freak out. They can’t call anybody. We are not prepared for things like that,”

More proposals are expected to be announced at an upcoming press conference. Sheriff Jones also highlighted the crucial role local first responders play in national defense, similar to their response during the Sept. 11 attacks. He stressed the need for training as if military support is not immediately available and urged the public to remain vigilant.

Addressing concerns of promoting fear and discrimination, Sheriff Jones responded, “You don’t have to believe me at all. You don’t have to be trained in firearms. When we call you, you can go hide in your basement. But I’ve been elected five times. I am concerned with my country and the people who are here legally.”


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